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Apple and IBM have released another batch of apps targeting the enterprise

Apple and IBM have released another batch of apps targeting the enterprise

IBM and Apple announced the second batch of enterprise-focused iOS apps, co-developed and supported by Bluemix and IBM’s cloud infrastructure, as the once-bitter rivals continue their efforts to target iOS device users in the enterprise.

The apps target the banking and financial services, airline and retail industries and include an airport traveller assistance app (Passenger Care), a retail analytics platform (Dynamic Buy), and a financial planning and budget analysis tool (Advisor Alerts).

“Apple and IBM are the only companies that could partner to develop a new category of made-for-business apps that is truly transforming how works gets done,” said Fred Balboni, IBM General Manager, IBM and Apple partnership.

“We set out to transform how millions of workers consume, process and use information when they are outside the four walls of the office.  Our goal is to boost the performance of every enterprise by making all its data and processes available to any employee with an iOS device – anytime, anywhere,” Balboni said.

Apple and IBM released an initial batch of ten apps in December last year which address a wide range of use cases and industrial segments. At the time Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing said the partnership and initial launch marked a big step for iPhone and iPad in the enterprise.

iOS devices still seem to be the mobile platform of choice for enterprises, with Good Technology’s latest research suggesting iOS device activations made up 69 per cent of all mobile device activations in the enterprise globally for the Q3 2014, up two per cent from the pervious quarter. Android claimed about 29 per cent of all new device activations, which was down two per cent from the previous quarter. Of course, many Android device makers participating at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week are looking to eat at iOS’s enterprise dominance, with Samsung, Huawei, Sony and HTC all announcing new Android-based device launches.