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Marriott is moving much of its core IT landscape into IBM's cloud

Marriott is moving much of its core IT landscape into IBM’s cloud

Global hotel chain Marriott International announced plans to use IBM’s cloud services to bolster the digital services the company offers to its guests in over 4,000 locations and improve the efficiency of the company’s IT operations.

The company said it plans to increased service deployment speeds by moving a “significant portion” of its core IT systems and applications into SoftLayer datacentres over the next few years, and gain a more robust view of the company’s performance using analytics (Big Insights) supplied by IBM.

“Marriott continually transforms its technology to ensure we provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests throughout their entire stay,” said Bruce Hoffmeister, global chief information officer, Marriott International.

“IBM Cloud provides the analytics to see early-stage data patterns and the scale and flexibility to enable timely, innovative new services that will meet guests’ expectations in a predominantly digital world,” Hoffmeister said.

As part of the deal IBM said it will provide Marriott with managed DevOps services to help the hotel chain re-architect some of its applications for cloud as well as create some cloud-native applications.

“Industry leaders stay ahead by moving to the next paradigm ahead of competitors,” said Robert LeBlanc, the recently appointed senior vice president of cloud at IBM.

“Through our powerful enterprise cloud platform and ability to integrate it seamlessly with existing on-premises technology, IBM is enabling Marriott’s transformation and global expansion,” LeBlanc added.

The deal with Marriott marks another big win for the struggling IT incumbent. Over the past year the firm has struck huge cloud-centric outsourcing deals with Lufthansa, ABN AMRO and Birla Sun Life Insurance to name a few.