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Oracle and Samsung are reportedly gearing up to jointly offer cloud-services

Oracle and Samsung are reportedly gearing up to jointly offer cloud-services

Samsung and Oracle are looking at teaming up to jointly offer enterprises cloud-based services, according to a report from the Korea Times. The report comes amid rumours Samsung is looking to spend up to $7.5bn on BlackBerry, in part for its expertise in enterprise software.

The Korea Times quoted a source familiar with the matter who said Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-Kyun Oracle co-chief executive Mark Hurd had met to iron out the terms of a partnership that could see the two firms jointly offer cloud services to enterprises, though it’s unclear whether a deal has been reached or what kinds of cloud services will be offered through such a deal.

Samsung would contribute its mobile expertise, while Oracle would offer its experience in cloud, enterprise software and databases.

“As Samsung is the global leader in handsets, Oracle needs the Korean company to boost its database cloud solutions, which the US company identified as one of its next engines,” the official was quoted as saying.

And Oracle spokesperson told BCN they could not confirm the report.

The move may come as little surprise given Samsung’s ambitions in enterprise software. The Korean electronics giant is rumoured to be soliciting BlackBerry for a takeover worth roughly $7.5bn, a claim both firms have refuted, but the company has increasingly shown an interest in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) market, partnering with vendors like Knox and operators like Telefónica on various EMM-focused initiatives.

Oracle and Samsung (via its IT-focused SDS subsidiary) have previously partnered to develop and jointly sell procurement and digital marketing solutions, and Samsung is already a customer of Oracle’s database technology.