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MilesWeb is launching an infrastructure as a service platform

MilesWeb is launching an infrastructure as a service platform

Indian hosting company MilesWeb has launched a flat-rate cloud service being pitched at web hosting resellers and advanced users, based on OnApp’s infrastructure as a service back-end software.

MilesWeb said its cloud platform is a more scalable, flexible alternative to its dedicated hosting business including virtual private servers and shared hosting platforms, and still boasts the same four-nines availability of the latter.

Neha Khanna, Business Development Manager for MilesWeb commented on the launch: “We aim at providing complete control of the cloud hosting environment to the clients. Clients can themselves decide the amount of resources they need. This is our attempt at providing a scalable, secure and reliable hosting environment to the mission critical websites.”

The platform was built using OnApp’s IaaS-building technology, a proprietary competitor to OpenStack and similar cloud resource orchestration offerings, which will dually bolster OnApp’s reach as it looks to extend its public cloud federation to new regions. The company claims one in every three public cloud platforms are built using OnApp technology.

The move comes as Gartner predicts high rates of spending on cloud services in India to continue over the next few years, with spending to grow from $838m by the end of 2015 to $1.9bn in 2018.