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Microsoft and Remote-Learning are working to integrate Moodle with Office 365

Microsoft and Remote-Learner are working to integrate Moodle with Office 365

MS Open Tech, the open source technology-focused subsidiary of Microsoft is working with education technology service provider Remote-Learner to integrate Office 365 with Moodle, a set of free cloud-based learning management t tools, the companies announced this week.

Moodle, which – for programmers and education theorists – is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, is a free learning management system typically hosted in the cloud and used by thousands of educational institutions globally.

The integration, which is being led by MS Open Tech and Remote-Learner, has so far centred on harmonising login credentials between Office 365 applications (so far including Outlook, Sharepoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and PowerPoint) and Moodle, calendar management and course content creation through the release of open source Office 365 and Microsoft Services plugins.

“Working closely with Remote-Learner, we’re delivering a technical solution for one of the most popular open source learning management systems that aims to provide seamless workflows for both Moodle and Office 365 users,” said Jean Paoli, president of MS Open Tech. “By working closely with the open Moodle community, MS Open Tech will continue taking feedback and maintaining, improving, and adding new features.”

Jason Cole, chief executive officer of Remote-Learner said: “With the Office 365 plugins for Moodle, Microsoft continues to demonstrate its commitment to open source software and education.”

“Educators and trainers who have both Moodle and Office 365 create new learning experiences that leverage the power of both platforms. Moodle administrators can deploy these new features knowing they have the support of both Microsoft and the Moodle Partner community,” Cole added.

The companies said they are working to improve workflows for educational institutions using Microsoft cloud services with Moodle. For instance, the integration allows students and instructors, as well as enterprise users, to sign on to Moodle with the same credentials, making single sign-on easier, and events created in Moodle will be stored in teachers’ and students’ personal Office 365 calendars.

The recent integration initiative, originally launched last October, comes just months after Inc. and Nivel Siete partnered to take an enterprise-grade version of the latest Moodle iteration to Microsoft Azure.