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The ESA is moving more of its applications to the cloud

The ESA is moving more of its applications to the cloud

The European Space Agency has selected Orange Business Services to deploy and manage the organisation’s private cloud infrastructure.

The custom platform, deployed from two interlinked private cloud sites in Germany and Italy, is helping the organisation to provision compute and storage resources more quickly – from a months to a matter of minutes, according to ESA’s chief information officer and head of IT Filippo Angelucci.

“Esacloud will allow our scientists to do rocket science rather than IT, and our business to jump ahead in time more than five years,” said Filippo Angelucci, ESA head of IT Department and chief information officer.

“Orange Business Services has helped ESA innovate and be a pioneer in many areas, such as the first European converged MPLS IP VPN. Esacloud marks a new milestone in our joint path.”

ESA operates eight sites across Europe and has about 2,200 staff working in scientific, engineering, operations, industrial and administrative roles. The IT department supplies and manages systems, platforms and applications to support mission operations and mission simulation and testing.

The organisation’s simulation and testing work requires massive amounts of compute and storage resources, and it said it’s using the platform to run own proprietary applications along with Sharepoint.

Helmut Reisinger, senior vice president Europe, Russia & CIS Orange Business Services also commented on the deployment: “We have tailored our private cloud solution to meet ESA’s business transformation goals. It combines our global network in a seamless fashion with best-in-class, secure, scalable, flexible and top-business-grade cloud infrastructure and an end-to-end SLA framework to deliver unrivaled levels service and performance.”