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The Cloud Foundry Foundation has been formally spun out of Pivotal

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has been formally spun out of Pivotal

Following the Pivotal’s announcement in February that Cloud Foundry would be spun out of the company, the project’s open governance model under the non-profit Cloud Foundry Foundation has been formally established.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation, which manages the development of the open source platform as a service Cloud Foundry, will be managed as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project and operate under an open governance model set up by founding members at EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Pivotal, SAP and VMware.

Larry Carvalho, PaaS research manager at IDC said the move is likely to increase transparency and the speed with which the platform develops. The firm estimates the platform as a service market will grow about 27 per cent annually until 2018.

According to Pivotal the open source project and has seen a 36 per cent rise in community contributions and more than 1,700 pull requests in the last year, as well as a number of commercial deployments – IBM Bluemix, HP Helion and Canopy Cloud Frabic to name a few. Over 50 organisations have committed to the Foundation to date.

“Cloud Foundry is core to HP’s strategy of ushering in the new style of IT focused on developing, deploying and delivering cloud-native applications for the enterprise,” said Bill Hilf, Senior Vice president, product and services management, HP Cloud. “We believe innovation comes from open source and open platforms and are proud to support today’s announcement of the Cloud Foundry Foundation with a unique model of open governance.”

Paul Maritz, chief executive officer of Pivotal, the initial steward of the Cloud Foundry project, also commented on the Foundation’s opening: “The Cloud is too important to allow it to become proprietary and have customers locked in. It needs a healthy open ecosystem of users, developers and providers linked via a common, open platform, much as Linux provided for the server market. Not only is open source a key to this, but equally so is orderly, open governance and participation.”

“The Cloud Foundry Foundation will ensure that Cloud Foundry is and remains an ecosystem where many players can contribute to the platform and benefit from it – knowing that they will be doing so in the context of an open, well-governed and directed community,” he said.

As part of the formal launch the Foundation also revealed it would begin to offer a “fast track” system for commit rights to help speed up the core code’s evolution, and a certification programme that would ensure consistency and compatibility across Cloud Foundry-based products and services – an important element in the mix given the challenges other open source projects have faced in this space (namely OpenStack).