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energy efficiency lightScottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) has deployed Maingate’s M2M system, which provides a data connection between homes and a cloud-based software platform, as part of an Ofgem-backed energy efficiency project.

Maingate will provide a data connectivity platform for SSEPD as part of Solent Achieving Value from Efficiency (SAVE), a major energy efficiency initiative to trial energy efficiency technologies and incentives across 8,000 homes in the UK.

The £8.3m project is part of Ofgem’s Low Carbon Network (LCN) Fund and aims to test the contribution that demand-side measures such as energy efficient technology, awareness and incentives for long-term behaviour change can make on consumption and grid reinforcement.

“We needed an advanced connectivity solution that would roam across networks automatically increasing the chance of a healthy connection and not tying us in to a single vendor,” said Stewart Reid, head of future networks at Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution.

“The flexible nature of Maingate’s solutions and their ability to integrate a broad range of technologies, systems and stakeholders has been a key strength in our partnership,” Reid said.

Maingate, which also provides the cloud-based platform that ingests and monitors all of the data sent from connected homes involved in the project, said the connectivity platform is intended to break vendor lock-in by allowing utilities and other energy service providers to switch between networks without needing to change SIM cards.

The project is still in its infancy, but similar initiatives have shown promise in the past. In a recent initiative with E.ON that employed similar techniques and measures the energy producer demonstrated average energy consumption savings of about 15 per cent.