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Dimension Data is jumping on the GovCloud bandwagon

Dimension Data is jumping on the GovCloud bandwagon

Dimension Data has unveiled a managed cloud platform in Canberra Monday in a bid to capture more business from the Australian public sector. The facility, under final construction, is due to open early next year.

The company said the facility, which is certified to the Telecommunications Industry Association’s TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for datacentres and will link up to the Intra Government Communications Network (ICON), will help government agencies address data sovereignty concerns and help further facilitate their adoption of cloud services.

“Dimension Data’s Canberra cloud platform will be tenanted exclusively by Government agencies and their data will be held securely in Canberra,” said Rodd Cunico, chief executive officer, Dimension Data Australia.

The company, which also operates managed cloud platforms in Sydney and Melbourne, said the Canberra cloud platform addresses the requirements of the Australian Government information security management protocol and the recently released Attorney General’s Risk management guidelines to handle classified government data up to ‘Protected’ level.

The National Disability Insurance Agency and the Department of Finance have already signed up to the cloud platform, Dimension Data said.

“We want to see the Australian Government reap the benefits of cloud computing in the same way that the private sector has. The Canberra MCP has been designed with the Government Cloud Computing Policy in mind, in order to allow departments and agencies to adopt cloud services that not only provide adequate protection of government data but also deliver value for money,” Cunico said.

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Minister of Communications, a vocal proponent of the Australian public sector’s ‘cloud-first’ approach, said the cloud infrastructure would further enable the government to benefit from cost savings, improved efficiencies, and increased staff productivity.

The move comes as the battle for public sector-focused clouds heats up in Australia. Local incumbent Telstra this week unveiled plans of its own to build a government-focused cloud platform, which it said would go live sometime in the first half of 2015.