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Verizon's cloud marketplace aims to make it easier for devs to deploy applications on its infrastructure

Verizon’s cloud marketplace aims to make it easier for devs to deploy applications on its infrastructure

Verizon has unveiled its one-stop-shop for cloud-based applications certified to work on the telco’s cloud infrastructure.

The Verizon Cloud Marketplace is designed to make it easier for IT staff to buy and deploy cloud-based applications without going through the effort of fine-tuning them, where developer resources are often needed.

The store will initially feature pre-built cloud-based services from AppDynamics, Hitachi Data Systems, Juniper Networks, pfSense and Tervela, and the company said more virtual appliances and software as a service applications will be added over time.

“The launch of Verizon Cloud Marketplace is an important milestone in the ongoing evolution of our cloud ecosystem,” said Siki Giunta, senior vice president of cloud services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

“Verizon Cloud Marketplace is all about simplifying and streamlining migration to the cloud, and enterprises using Verizon Cloud will now have access to a growing number of industry-leading cloud-based applications required to power their businesses in the digital age,” Giunta said.

As part of the announcement Verizon said it will also offer consulting services for cloud on-boarding, to help clients move their workloads and applications over to its cloud platform, a pain point for a lot of enterprises. The company plans to offer architectural development and planning, proof of concept engagement and virtual machine migration services.

The move comes just one month after Verizon launched its revamped infrastructure as a service platform, which is based on Cloud Stack and a modified Xen hypervisor. At the time Siki Giunta told BCN that Verizon’s goal is to create a platform that appeals primarily to developers, so the recently launched cloud app store – which could make developers’ lives a bit easier – seems to be in line with that strategy.