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Majestic Wine is looking to bolster its omnichannel strategy with cloud

Majestic Wine is looking to bolster its omnichannel strategy with cloud

Majestic Wine has deployed a cloud-based customer experience platform to help personalise the online shopping experience and drive sales. Richard Weaver, e-commerce director at Majestic Wine said the platform also helps the company improve customer segmentation and deliver a more personal sales experience.

Using SDL’s customer experience cloud Majestic Wine said it can create a seamless experience between its online store and brick-and-mortar shops by linking up local store stock with location data and online customer preferences, tracking and combining customer preferences in both.

The company can then offer online customers promotions like free tasting and special pricing based on the geo-location of customers in relation to their preferences and their local store.

Weaver said the platform helps drive the company’s omnichannel strategy.

“This technology is helping us to raise the bar in such a competitive marketplace. We believe relevancy and personalization is the key to rising to the omnichannel challenge,” Weaver said. “We want to offer the best possible customer experience in-store and online and working with SDL allows us to step up to this challenge.”

“Take sparkling English wine, which is popular at the moment, as an example. Because of the integration between our website, our stock system and SDL eCommerce, we’re able to offer our customers in Tenterden a broader range of wines from the local Chapel Down winery than we offer nationally, because that’s what’s in stock locally.”

“This means we avoid something retailers dread – customer ‘out of stock’ disappointment. This also helps us to further showcase the in-depth knowledge we have of the wines we sell by providing the right product to the right customer at the right time online,” he added.