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Stratoscale's software, while not open source, leverages a number of open source components

Stratoscale’s software, while not open source, leverages a number of open source components

Stratoscale, which offers converged cloud orchestration software for the datacentre, has secured $32m in funding from a range of tech investment firms including Intel Capital, Cisco Investments, SanDisk, Battery Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners.

The funding is a sign the tech industry is keen to hedge its bets in the cloud orchestration and management space, with Intel and Cisco, both OpenStack-backers, making large contributions to the latest funding round.

“With over $40 million total funding since inception, we are positioned to deliver the first pure-play software architecture for hyper-convergence,” said Stratoscale co-founder and chief executive officer Ariel Maislos.

Maislos, who previously helped found FTTH tech firm Passave (acquired by PMCS in 2006), speech recognition tech pioneer Pudding Media, and SSD tech firm Anobit (acquired by Apple in 2012), said the company is “on the right track” with its technology, and intends to invest the funds in sales and engineering efforts.

“Our customers are telling us we have unique technology and new ideas which are reinventing virtualisation at scale. This additional funding will allow us to complete our product development as well as build out global sales and marketing,” Maislos said.

Isreal-based Stratoscale offers an API-driven platform that leverages a number of components from open source projects including Linux, OpenStack, Docker, KVM, ZFS and Consul, to build a converged cloud stack that provides ease of management and deployment of cloud (storage, compute, networking) resources through a slick, minimalistic interface.

Though it’s currently in closed beta the company said its APIs are already compatible with OpenStack, Docker and vCenter, and that the software works on pretty much any x86-based architecture.

“StratoScale’s approach to the convergence of datacentre infrastructure components, delivered at the rack-level, is unique in the marketplace and has the potential to enable efficient pooling of different Infrastructure-as-a-Service resources for enterprises and cloud service providers,” said Yoav Samet, vice president, corporate development, Cisco.