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EMC has been gobbling up cloud companies as of late

EMC has been gobbling up cloud companies as of late

EMC has acquired Maginatics and Spanning Cloud Apps in a bid to bolster the company’s cloud and data recovery expertise, just a couple of weeks after the company bought OpenStack specialist Cloudscaling.

Maginatics offers a software defined storage platform that allows users to easily and quickly shift files between multiple private and public cloud platforms, both on premise and off (it’s also already integrated with VMware’s virtual SAN platform); Spanning offers cloud-based backup and recovery services for cloud-based applications like Salesforce, Office 365 and Google Apps.

In a statement Maginatics chief executive officer Amarjit Gil said the move will “open the door to countless enhancements” of existing product lines at EMC and eventually the creation of new lines of business at the storage giant.

“Working together with EMC, we see the chance to realise our joint vision quickly and at limitless scale,” he said.

EMC said it plans to integrate Maginatics and Spanning’s technology with existing EMC data protection software, storage and services, strengthening its position among other incumbents catering to enterprises deploying hybrid cloud architectures.

The acquisitions come just weeks after the company acquired OpenStack specialist Cloudscaling.

“What we have here is a trifecta of customer choice for hybrid cloud environments. Each company offers unique technology for delivering cloud abstraction and flexibility for customers,” said David Goulden, chief executive officer of EMC Information Infrastructure.

The spate of cloud-focused acquisitions will also see an executive shakeup at EMC. Cloudscaling chief executive officer Randy Bias and his team will join the EMC emerging technologies division. Maginatics chief executive Amarjit Gil, Spanning chief executive Jeff Erramouspe and their respective teams will join EMC’s newly formed core technologies division, which is led by Guy Churchward.

EMC isn’t the only storage vendor looking to bolster its cloud and data recovery portfolio through acquisition as of late. This week EMC competitor NetApp acquired Riverbed’s SteelStore product line for $80m, which will enable NetApp to offer storage-optimised, encrypted disaster recovery and backup capabilities for both on premise and cloud-based platforms.