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Finnie: 'Network is key in the cloud'

Finnie: ‘Network is key in the cloud’

Fibre and datacentre operator Interoute has bolstered its virtual datacentre platform (VDC) presence in London, launching one zone in Canary Wharf and a second site in Slough.

The move brings the total number of VDC zones launched by the company this year to five; the company added Milan (February), Hong Kong (April) and New York (June) to its list of VDC zones to have gone live this year.

“Interoute believes in being close to its customers and key markets because it brings lower latency and higher performing solutions, straightforward compliance management and good customer service. That’s why we are investing in many zones, rather than relying on a single or limited presence to serve a continent,” said Matthew Finnie, chief technology officer at Interoute.

“Our recent UK datacentre and network expansion brings our cloud within a few milliseconds of our customers, partners and major business hubs in the UK. Low latency means higher throughput, fewer servers for the same application and less rewrites to get it there,” he said.

Interoute claims to offer better performance and manageability because it owns and operates the fibre network linking its datacentres globally, a network it has continued to expand as of late. Last week the company acquired Vtesse, a UK network connecting 55 datacentres and 48 major towns and cities in England, Scotland and Wales.