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Citrix has acquired Virtual, a mobile virtualisation platform provider

Citrix has acquired Virtual, a mobile virtualisation platform provider

Virtualisation incumbent Citrix has acquired Virtual, a mobile app virtualisation startup targeting iOS and Android, for an undisclosed sum. The move will bolster Citrix’s mobile virtualisation efforts, which have stepped up significantly as the popularity of mobile enterprises and BYOD rises.

Citrix said Virtual’s IP around mobile virtualisation and mobile security will be integrated into its existing mobile workspace delivery platform. The company said the move will improve the development and delivery of cloud services to mobile devices, and make those applications more secure and scalable for desktop environments.

“For 25 years, Citrix has been removing the barriers for business mobility with secure virtualisation, mobility, networking and cloud solutions that allow people to choose when, where and how work gets done,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, senior vice president and general manager, enterprise and service provider division, Citrix.

“By advancing mobile app development, we can continue our tradition of advancing the way comprehensive, secure and personalised mobile workspaces are delivered.”

Citrix has been talking up its mobile workplaces offering for a couple of years now. The company believes its heritage in virtualisation – and increasingly mobile virtualisation – will help it compete in the mobile enterprise. Virtual’s platform, which can essentially virtualise entire OS environments and applications with littler performance overhead (it claims), will help Citrix continue down that path. But the desktop isn’t disappearing altogether, which is where Virtual’s technology is a real asset – it can virtualise mobile apps on desktop platforms, something other enterprise IT incumbents like Dell are looking at.

“Citrix pioneered remote access, so it was only logical for us to join them as they continue to lead innovation in mobile workspaces,” said Chris Wade, founder and chief executive officer of Virtual. “In creating the Virtual platform, we looked at how things could be done differently. This philosophy fits into the Citrix culture of always improving ways for people to work better, from anywhere.”