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Bristol City Council is moving most of its IT estate to the cloud as it consolidates offices

Bristol City Council is moving most of its IT estate to the cloud as it consolidates offices

Bristol City Council has selected Eduesrv’s managed cloud services as part of a council-wide building consolidation effort. The deal, worth an estimated £1.5m over two years, will help support a massive cost savings programme currently underway at the Council according to Steven Pendleton, service manager commissioning and supplier relationship management at Bristol City Council.

The G-Cloud deal will see Eduserv take over the day-to-day management of the council’s IT estate, and see Eduserv offer its cloud migration services to support the transformation programme.

The cloud migration will help the council move to a new ICT delivery strategy, which will help support its £90m cost savings programme. Pendleton said Bristol City Council intends to procure more cloud services in a bid to simplify its IT estate and become more “consumer led.”

“Like every council, we are faced with the challenge of delivering high quality services while reducing our costs by 30 per cent,” Pendleton said. “The ICT market is changing rapidly, becoming much more commoditised and consumer led, where significant economies of scale are now possible.”

Pendleton said the Council will not need to own much of its IT systems in future; it will buy services to match demand in a much more flexible way.

“IT transformation plays a critical role in allowing us to achieve that. Moving our IT estate to the cloud will give us a more flexible cost-effective resource which can adapt to our changing needs.”

“In doing this we are pleased to be working with Eduserv, supporting SME’s and delivering the Digitial City agenda,” he added.

The move comes just as the UK government’s Digital Marketplace, which will include cloud services sold through the G-Cloud procurement framework as well as other digital services sold to government, is due to launch.

Last month G-Cloud sales grew from £217m to just under £250m, with 54 per cent of total sales by value and 60 per cent by volume from all reported G-Cloud sales to date being awarded to SMEs like Eduserv. The wider public sector has spent 21 per cent of the total sales by value to date.

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