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VMware has rebranded its hybrid cloud service to VMware Cloud Air, and will use the suffix 'Air' for all of its 'as-a-service' offerings

VMware has rebranded its hybrid cloud service to VMware Cloud Air, and will use the suffix ‘Air’ for all of its ‘as-a-service’ offerings

True to the rumours, VMware has rebranded its hybrid cloud service from VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to VMware Cloud Air, and expanded its service provider partner programme in a bid to extend and enhance the reach and appeal of its (relatively young) hybrid cloud service.

The VMware Cloud Air rebranding was accompanied by a revamping of its technology partner network, redubbed the VMware Cloud Air Network, which now boasts more than 3,800 VMware service provider partners in over 100 countries.

While other recent notable cloud rebranding efforts (for instance Savvis to the mouthful that is CenturyLink Technology Solutions) have had obvious drivers (Savvis was acquired by CenturyLink), VMware hasn’t really spelled out why it decided to rebrand its cloud service. The company said it plans to suffix all of its ‘as-a-service’ offerings with ‘Air’ moving forward in a bid to unify its branding, but the choice seems as nebulous as the suffix itself.

“We continue to see tremendous momentum for VMware vCloud Air as more and more businesses look to capitalize on the undeniable operational and economic benefits of hybrid cloud,” said Bill Fathers, executive vice president and general manager, hybrid cloud services business unit at VMware, in prepared remarks.

“The VMware vCloud Air Network represents another key element of our cloud strategy – enabling customer choice and flexibility to find the ideal, local cloud service based on industry leading VMware technology. Our customers can focus their resources on growing their business, knowing that by using VMware vCloud Air or one of our vCloud Air Network partners, their IT team can seamlessly and securely extend their datacentres and applications to the cloud,” he said.

VMware haven’t responded to requests for comment on drivers for the ‘Air’ makeover at the time of writing.

Since the company launched the cloud service in 2013 VMware has expanded it from the US to the UK and most recently Asia, where it struck partnerships with SoftBank and China Telecom to bring the service to Japan and China, respectively.