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Intel and Intel, Chunghwa Telecom are partnering on Internet of Things, cloud and SDN

Intel and Intel, Chunghwa Telecom are partnering on Internet of Things, cloud and SDN

Chip giant Intel and Taiwanese incumbent telco Chunghwa Telecom signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will see both companies jointly innovate in several emerging technology areas including Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and software defined network (SDN).

The current MoU expands upon an agreement originally signed by both companies in 2010, which focused on developing datacentre innovations and cloud computing, an initiative that carried through to both companies’ work with the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA).

The partnership announced this week will see both companies jointly explore software defined datacentre technologies and energy efficiency optimisation in the datacentre.

In the first instance Chunghwa Telecom plans to integrate its Intelligent Energy Network (iEN) with Intel Power Thermal Aware Solution (PTAS) to optimise the energy efficiency of the telco’s cloud datacentres.

Chungwha, which has been researching SDN and SDN-enabled software for the past several years, will also share its innovations with Intel and the two companies will jointly develop proof-of-concepts for SDN and NFV based on Intel’s architecture.

The Internet of Things collaboration will focus on technology innovation and deployment of smart home, energy management, and fleet management related applications.

The companies said the collaboration aims to drive technology innovation, facilitate new usage models, and enable the Taiwanese industry ecosystem to capitalize on new growth opportunities in IoT, cloud and SDN.

“As the leading telecom services provider in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom is an active participant in domestic and overseas industry alliances to enhance our competitiveness through technology collaboration and experiences sharing with international industry leader like Intel,” said Feng-Yue Hung, president of telecommunication laboratories of Chunghwa Telecom.

“Chunghwa Telecom is pleased with the cloud computing collaboration with Intel since 2010.  The collaboration has been successful in helping enhance power efficiency of the green energy cloud datacentre. With the growing opportunities of the Internet of Things, Chunghwa Telecom looks forward to the collaboration with Intel for innovation in IoT, cloud computing and SDN,” Hung said.

Gordon G. Graylish, vice president of sales and marketing group and general manager of enterprise solution sales at Intel said IoT and cloud are creating big new opportunities for technology innovation in the local IT sector.

“Intel is delighted to expand collaboration spanning IoT, cloud and SDN with Chunghwa Telecom to realise the vision of “Connected Society” in Taiwan.  We also look forward to supporting Taiwan becoming a global developer and manufacturer of IoT, Cloud Computing hardware as well as services, and software defined networking,” Graylish said.

Intel has recently bolstered its efforts around SDN, having acquired Avago Technologies’ SDN business for $650 million to give it a strong presence in the datacentre networking space.

And beyond its partnership with Chungwha, Intel has a number of commitments in the fledging Internet of Things ecosystem.

After setting up a standalone IoT innovation division last year the company co-founded the Industrial Internet Consortium, a membership group of telcos, research institutes and technology manufacturers focused on developing interoperability standards and common architectures to bridge smart devices, machines, mobile devices and the data they create.

The company also has several smart cities “living labs” in the US and Europe, allowing Intel to collaborate with tech firms and end-users and test Internet of Things sensors and applications.