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ClipCardSeattle-based startup ClipCard, which offers a service that lets users search, aggregate and share data from multiple cloud platforms and applications, has secured $10m in funding.

The company was formerly known as OneOcean, and it offered a cloud storage and data discovery services for large marine geospatial data sets. Last November the company rebranded to ClipCard and broadened the use cases for the platform.

“A wide range of users are seeing the value in ClipCard’s ability to help connect people and information,” the company said.

The company describes itself as a cloud-based data search and discovery service.

“ClipCard is a personal search app that helps you find things from across your cloud accounts and apps, understand them instantly, and take action.”

The company said it’s heading into private beta with a view towards launching the service in the fall.

ClipCard has not yet revealed how it plans to generate revenue, which could mean that it’s eyeing the potential to be acquired – possibly by another cloud service provider.

The company is not unlike Found Software, a software firm co-founded by three tech veterans in 2010 that lets users search for and access data across multiple cloud services through a single interface. That company was acquired in early 2013 by Hightail (Yousendit), which hailed Found’s technology capabilities as essential to a “cloud-gnostic” future.