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Gatwick is the second busiest airport in London and the UK

Gatwick is the second busiest airport in London and the UK

Gatwick Airport is testing a cloud-based collaboration platform used to connect trusted partners across and outside the airport, allowing airlines and ground crew to share and access critical data. The move is part of the airport’s broader strategy to shift more of its IT systems to the cloud.

The airport is using SOASTA’s cloud testing platform platform, which gives users insight into load, functional and UI performance of cloud-based application, to test and validate the platform’s capabilities at scale.

“Gatwick’s success is built on our willingness to innovative and to try things that haven’t been done before. The current project is no exception but its success lies in having a dedicated set of partners to bring it to life,” said Michael Ibbitson, chief information officer of Gatwick Airport.

“We are able to test with a degree of precision and accuracy that delivers measurable and actionable data within a very demanding timeframe,” Ibbitson added.

Gatwick, London’s second largest airport has been moving its core internal and customer-facing IT systems to the cloud since 2012 in a bid to make it more agile, flexible (commercial airline businesses are highly seasonal), efficient, and – as it mulls the addition of another runway – scalable.

Ibbitson told Business Cloud News the strategy will help position the airport as one of the most innovative in the UK.

Late last year the airport struck a deal with Xchanging, Fujitsu and Cisco to replace its legacy telephony infrastructure with a cloud-based VoIP system; it deployed Box for file sharing and storage; and it also has a number of dev-and-test environments running in AWS.