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Cloudwatt has deployed Juniper's OpenContrail solution in its cloud platform

Cloudwatt has deployed Juniper’s OpenContrail solution in its cloud platform

French cloud service provider Cloudwatt announced that it has deployed open source SDN controller OpenContrail in its OpenStack-based datacentre in a bid to improve network operations and deployment speeds.

OpenContrail, an Apache 2.0-licensed project started by Juniper Networks last year includes work on all of the necessary components for network virtualisation: an SDN controller, virtual router, analytics engine, and northbound APIs. Juniper said the tools are essential for enabling network function virtualisation (NFV), which in the cloud and telecoms world is seen as the “killer app” for SDN.

Cloudwatt, a contributor to OpenContrail, said it needed a production-ready SDN solution that could easily integrate with its existing network infrastructure and worked closely with engineers at Juniper Networks over several months to complete the integration of OpenContrail and Cloudwatt’s cloud orchestration system. The platform has been deployed since the end of June this year.

“The OpenContrail solution is simple yet powerful, reflecting the strong cloud and networking genes of the founding engineers at Juniper Networks and the open source community at large,” said Didier Renard, president and chief executive officer of Cloudwatt.

Renard explained that the open source SDN solution was essential for the company from a data sovereignty perspective.

“By integrating OpenContrail with our choice of cloud management platform, OpenStack, we can greatly simplify our cloud network design and operations, seamlessly connect virtual and physical environments and scale out our cloud without compromising security and privacy. Ultimately, OpenContrail makes it possible for us to enhance sovereignty, contain network operation cost and to provide competitive pricing to our customers,” he said.

The deployment is a win for Juniper, which currently has a number of telcos trialling its SDN platform. But the vendor has shown increasing interest in the cloud market as of late. Earlier this year it announced  a partnership with Nokia that saw the latter combine its Liquid Core NFV solution with Juniper’s MetaFabric datacentre architecture, which includes Contrail, to create a “core on cloud” platform.