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Elia: 'Segmentation is key to effective digital marketing and building relationships between customers'

Elia: ‘Segmentation is key to effective digital marketing and building relationships between customers’

British retailer Crew Clothing has tapped into Oracle’s marketing cloud platform in a bid to improve customer acquisition and the effectiveness of the company’s direct marketing campaigns. Sebastiano Elia, online marketing executive at Crew Clothing said the firm was able to increase active customers by 20 per cent.

Crew Clothing, which has over 60 retail stores in the UK, adopted Oracle’s marketing cloud platform, an integrated set of technologies it both developed and acquired from Eloqua, Compenidum, Responsys and Blue Kai launched earlier this year.

The cloud platform is used to help automate multi-channel marketing campaigns and improve customer segmentation, and has helped the company move away from its previous ‘batch and blast’ marketing approach.

Crew Clothing uses the platforms to segment its customer base by purchase history, email and social interactions, and site visits. It correlates the data to discover what content would be most relevant for users, and tailors its marketing campaigns to target potential customers with content most relevant to them.

“We all know the feeling of being bombarded by messages. So rather than target them in the same way, we wanted to deliver programmes that would be more eye-catching and offer individualised, timelier incentives to re-engage them,” said Sebastiano Elia, online marketing executive at Crew Clothing. “Once re-engaged, we would have greater opportunity to give them the full brand experience and build long-lasting relationships.”

Elia explained that the key to online brand re-engagement includes incentivising purchases and follow-up actions like click-throughs and downloads.

The company worked with Oracle to devise some effective ways of testing what factors makes users want to engage with the brand’s content so that the company could improve engagement, follow-ups and ultimately, opt-in rates for marketing campaigns.

Crew broke the campaign down in to ‘Welcome’, ‘Abandonment’ and ‘Win-back’ segments, which helped it manage relationships with online users at each stage of the customer journey.

The company managed to increase active users by 20 per cent year on year, and decreased lapsed customers by 25 per cent. Total open rates for all campaigns have risen by 75 per cent.

“We were blown away by the results,” Elia said. “A properly segmented customer base has given us the clear view we needed to make informed decisions. Email marketing is our critical tool for re-engaging customers.”

Oracle recently bolstered its marketing cloud portfolio with the addition of its data as a service portfolio, which builds on the company’s integration of BlueKai’s audience data marketplace and give companies access to more customer data in real-time, further improving segmentation.