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Oracle is using BlueKai's data marketplace as the cornerstone of its data as a service offerings

Oracle is using BlueKai’s data marketplace as the cornerstone of its data as a service offerings

Oracle announced that it has created the Oracle Data Cloud, a mash-up of existing Oracle data services and BlueKai’s marketing data platform. The company said the solution will help businesses build a comprehensive view of their customers.

The company is targeting marketing and social data with its line of data as a service offerings, or DaaS – not to be confused with desktop as a service: Oracle DaaS for Marketing and Oracle DaaS for Social.

The addition of BlueKai’s audience data marketplace, which it acquired along with the company in February, will give customers access to external data to use in conjunction with their own to derive marketing and sales insights.

Oracle claims the marketing data source will give customers access to over 1 billion profiles globally and an ecosystem of more than 300 data and activation partners.

The social data service will derive insights by trawling through hundreds of millions of social media messages across over 40 million news and social media sites.

“Unbundling data from SaaS applications has enhanced a business user’s ability to activate insights gleaned from external data sources, leading to more engaging and personalized customer experiences,” said Omar Tawakol, general manager and group vice president, Oracle DataCloud.

“The Oracle Data Cloud brings together a best-in-class data platform with the world’s largest data marketplace to drive smarter decisions for marketing and social, and it will eventually include other enterprise functions such as sales and service.”

Tawakol said the goal of these kinds of tools is to consolidate fragmented data in a way that allows companies to more effectively profile their customers, something many companies – even those swimming in data – struggle to do.

Robert Mahowald, vice president, SaaS & cloud software at IDC explained that as data becomes the currency of the internet, data as a service – the ability to tap into real-time data insights that can bolster marketing and sales efforts in– will emerge as an important segment in the cloud space.

He said Oracle is solving an emerging need by providing a suite could that help customers gain a competitive advantage through the use of data, particularly as data-driven marketing becomes more popular in practice.