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Oracle and Mirantis are teaming up on OpenStack

Oracle and Mirantis are teaming up on OpenStack

Oracle and Mirantis have announced a partnership that will see the two companies work together to bring Oracle Linux and Oracle VM to the OpenStack platform.As part of the agreement Mirantis will offer enterprise customers a commercial bundle that will include a subscription to Mirantis OpenStack with support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. Mirantis and Oracle will also integrate support operations.

Given Oracle’s continued popularity in large enterprises the move may help enhance Mirantis’ appeal as the platform will now offer enterprise-grade support for running Oracle systems on Mirantis’ OpenStack distribution.

“We are happy to collaborate with Mirantis on this effort,” said Oracle chief corporate architect Edward Screven.

“While Oracle ships its own OpenStack distribution with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, we also want to offer customers choice.  We are providing the same high quality Linux support to every customer, no matter which OpenStack distribution they choose.”

Adrian Ionel, chief executive officer of Mirantis said the partnership is both a win for the company and the OpenStack community more broadly. Enterprise adoption of OpenStack has begun to accelerate in the past year as the code base becomes more mature and the use cases clearer, and the partnership with Oracle seems to be as much about gaining enterprise street cred as it is about giving Mirantis another entryway into the enterprise.

The company was also keen to point out that Red Hat, with which Mirantis has a fairly tenuous relationship, currently doesn’t have OpenStack support for customers with Oracle workloads, and that the recently announced partnership marks a critical move against the Linux giant.

“We’re pleased to team with Oracle on this OpenStack integration.  It provides choice in an open, private cloud solution, optimized for enterprise workloads to mutual customers worldwide,” Ionel said.

Mirantis’ partnership with Oracle is the vendor’s latest partnership with a heavyweight IT incumbent. The company announced a partnership last month with IBM which will see Mirantis OpenStack Express, a pay-as-you-go private cloud service, hosted on SoftLayer infrastructure globally.