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Whirlpool needed to makes its e-commerce systems more flexible

Whirlpool needed to make its e-commerce systems more flexible

Multinational appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has transitioned away from its on premise hosting environment and selected IBM’s cloud platform deployed on SoftLayer, with private networking support being provided by AT&T Netbond, for its e-commerce platform. The company said it shifted its systems to the cloud because it needed to become more flexible on a global level.

Whirlpool vice president of IT operations and security Alan Douville said the company needed a way to manage data more easily where it resides, but to also have the capability to deploy that information – whether internal systems information like logs or security data, or commercial data like sales information – globally.

The company, which has had a longstanding relationship with IBM, previously hosted its e-commerce systems on premise but in a bid to streamline and reduce costs it deployed it on SoftLayer’s bare metal cloud platform. It’s also using AT&T NetBond, a managed VPN service that provides direct private links to multiple cloud platforms.

“As a global organization that operates in almost every country in the world, we needed to find a way to grow our capacity to store and track business-critical data and address compliance activities to respond to market dynamics more quickly,” Douville said.

Douville said deploying the company’s e-commerce platform in the cloud will improve its market responsiveness and enhance user satisfaction. Moving to SoftLayer will also allow the company to develop disaster recovery capabilities for its product lifecycle management systems.

“IBM cloud and SoftLayer infrastructure served as an opportunity to continue to drive transformation within our business and migrate mission-critical workloads securely to a cloud environment and provide us with the flexibility to respond faster to issues that impact our business,” he added.