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Helmy: 'The cloud sector is a strategic priority for Egypt'

Helmy: ‘The cloud sector is a strategic priority for Egypt’

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding with TE Data, a subsidiary of Telecom Egypt, and  Automation Consultants that will see the parties commit billions over seven years to provide cloud computing application services to the private and public sector organisations in Egypt.

The MOU, signed by Egypt Telecom CEO Mohamed Al-Nawawy, Automation Consultants executive chairman Mahmoud El Dessouky, and the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy, will see both companies offer cloud services to the government and private sector via TE’s datacentres.

Automation consultancy will provide technical support for applications to customers.

The group of services covered by the agreement includes HR platforms, asset management and fleet management, as well as indexing and information management systems for libraries, newspaper archives, and applications to support business and documents flow.

Helmy said the cloud sector is one of MCIT’s strategic priorities for the coming period.

Investments from the private and public sector for the implementation of the cloud computing strategy is expected to range between $15bn to $18bn EGP over the next 7 years, he said.

“Cloud computing plays an important role to achieve a quantum leap in IT and strongly positions Egypt on the world map of this industry,” he said.

“The Ministry adopts cloud computing as part of the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIEC) priorities, therefore, it works on spreading awareness about the new technology and preparing new calibers. This is due to its high capacity to provide maximum technology efficiency to store, manage and analyze information in the world, in parallel with the proportional growth of the industry.”

Telecom Egypt CEO Mohamed El Nawawy said the agreement will benefit SMEs in particular, which constitutes a large base of IT consumers in the country but which nevertheless often struggle to afford the high up-front costs associated with traditional or on premise IT platforms.

Egypt is the latest of several governments to link up with industry in a bid to extend cloud services in the private and public sectors.

Last year Asustek partnered with the Taiwanese government’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs to establish a cloud computing services marketplace and train government workers on how to use cloud services.

Earlier this year Microsoft signed a deal with Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communication to co-operate on bolstering cyber security, cloud infrastructure, application development, and infrastructure management skills in Vietnamese businesses.