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DigitalOcean is looking to attract UK developers to its first local datacentre

DigitalOcean is looking to attract UK developers to its first local datacentre

In a bid to tap further into the UK market and bolster its European presence, US-based cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean has announced the launch of its first UK datacentre. DigitalOcean CEO Ben Uretsky told Business Cloud News that the company is looking to bolster its developer-first approach in the UK against local incumbents.

The company, which has partnered with datacentre operator Equinix, said it wanted to open a location within the UK because of local data sovereignty laws. It currently serves UK customers from its datacentre in Amsterdam, but the latest addition will allow DigitalOcean to offer cloud services locally – and with lower latency.

The Tier III datacentre will also support IPV6 out of the box.

“We’re seeing a maturing startup scene in the UK and it’s very encouraging, which is another reason why we wanted to have a physical presence there,” Uretsky said. “We already have a number of large customers in the UK and offering them a faster service is fairly critical.”

DigitalOcean has in a very short time risen to prominence in the cloud space. When it formally launched last year the company had 2,000 customers globally, but Uretsky told Business Cloud News that the firm now has over 150,000 active customers.

He explained that the company’s success has as much to do with the proprietary, all-SSD cloud platform it built as it does with how it targets and prioritises developers.

“If you target ‘enterprises’, you’re just targeting a company. But companies don’t make decisions. People make decisions,” Uretsky said.

“And arguably, more often than not, the CIO or CTO isn’t the one making the decision on what platform works best for the team putting that platform to use or deploying a workload or application on it.”

Uretsky said the company may also expand its presence in Germany and France, which are “high on the list” in terms of increasing demand.

DigitalOcean is the latest cloud service provider to splash into the London market. IBM also recently announced that it would have a SoftLayer datacentre deployed in the city by the end of this month.