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StorSimpleMicrosoft is looking to drive tighter integration between its cloud infrastructure platform Azure and StorSimple, a cloud-integrated storage platform it acquired in 2012. Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president, cloud and enterprise marketing at Microsoft said the move will allow customers to cut storage costs and implement disaster recovery more easily.

Microsoft Azure StorSimple, which will be available August 1, is a storage array that will effectively operate as a gateway between on-premise storage and storage in Azure. These arrays will use Azure Storage as a hybrid cloud tier for automatic capacity expansion and off-site data protection, and data stored on them will be automatically protected off-site by cloud snapshots.

The company will also deploy a virtual appliance that will run in a virtual machine in Azure and will provide DR capabilities, which will not only work across Windows Server and Hyper-V environments but on-premises Linux and VMware servers as well.

“Virtualized applications that store their data on an Azure StorSimple array in a customer’s datacentre can be restarted in VMs in Azure with access to previously uploaded data. Updates to data made during recovery operations can be downloaded later to StorSimple arrays on-premises when normal operations resume,” Numoto said.

The arrays are based on technologies Microsoft acquired when it bought StorSimple in 2012, one of its rare hardware-related purchases. The company offers StoreSimple appliances currently but only the newly announced arrays will support the Azure virtual appliance and related features, at least for the time being.

Microsoft has recently moved to drive tighter integration between on-premise workloads and the cloud with DR in mind. Last month the company unveiled Disaster Recovery for Azure, a service that brings Azure’s cloud based capabilities to bear on disaster recovery for both on-premise Windows Server and Azure-based workloads.