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Travelex is deploying Workday's cloud-based HCM platform, slimming down its application estate in the process

Travelex is deploying Workday’s cloud-based HCM platform, at the same time slimming down its application estate in the process and simplifying its business processes

Foreign exchange specialist Travelex announced it has deployed Workday’s cloud-based human capital management (HCM) and time tracking. Gareth Williams, group HR director at Travelex told Business Cloud News the move was part of the company’s broader strategy to simplify and consolidate the technology platforms that support the human resources department and the wider business.

Travelex has more than 5,500 Travelex employees across 12 countries, and the company has moved its entire workforce over to the Workday HCM platform.

“Our colleagues want access to information anytime and through multiple mobile devices. With Workday HCM they can access and update records quickly, easily, and securely wherever they are and Workday’s smartphone application will further enhance convenience and ease of use,” Williams said.

“We know we need to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to enabling our workforce to be as agile as it can be and that’s why Workday and our wider HR transformation brings us one step closer in fulfilling our ambition to be one of the world’s first multinational businesses to put the end-to-end employee experience in the cloud.”

Williams told Business Cloud News the move to Workday was part of a broader HR overhaul at Travelex. The company moved to the HCM platform from 26 separate systems, put thousands of formerly paper-based transactions into the cloud, and reduced 2,100 business processes down to 180.

“We were using a mixture of manual spreadsheets and some payroll related self-service systems that were very old and outdates.  We never had quality analytics, only manually processed dashboards,” he said, adding that implementing the platform with its legacy systems was not without its challenges.

“It took longer than we had anticipated and required a strong partnership with our implementation partner. What has been easier is integrating Workday with the other SaaS platforms we are now working with and on.”

It’s also using built-in analytics capabilities to help measure and track employee productivity to give business leaders insight into the cost, capacity, capability and quality of their workforce.

The deployment is another win for Workday, which in the EMEA region is being led by former SAP and Infor executive Chano Fernandez and recently moved to bolster its visibility among incumbents. A Workday spokesperson told Business Cloud News the company has over 600 customers in the region.

“Travelex is taking full advantage of what the cloud can offer by replicating its successful multi-channel customer service strategy for its employees,” Fernandez said.

“Travelex has already achieved impressive results by reducing administration, streamlining processes, and automating workflows with Workday HCM, and we look forward to our continued partnership as Travelex delivers its goal to create a global, end-to-end employee engagement experience in the cloud,” he added.