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Scott Hammond: 'The long tail of cloud has arrived'

Scott Hammond: ‘The long tail of cloud has arrived’

Cloud infrastructure service provider Joyent has announced the appointment of former Cisco executive Scott Hammond as chief executive officer, who will lead the firms as it seeks to accelerate growth of its hybrid cloud offering and continue competing – in both services and philosophy – with OpenStack.

Hammond most recently served as vice president of strategy and business development for Cisco’s cloud and systems management technology group, where he landed as part of an acquisition; he was CEO of newScale Inc., an IT service catalogue and cloud service provisioning specialist acquired by Cisco in 2011.

“Joyent has a massive market opportunity coming into the era of hybrid cloud adoption,” Hammond said.

He explained that the long tail of cloud computing has well and truly kicked off in the enterprise, with both large and midsize companies moving to deploy applications written natively for cloud platforms.

“What we’re seeing now is essentially the next stage of hardware consolidation, where we’re going from a 10x return on server spend from virtualization, to even greater consolidation by bringing the economics of public cloud into the datacentre.”

“Joyent’s ability to provide a consistent, high-performance technology stack for both public and private use gives the company a significant differentiator and advantage in a noisy market,” he added.

Hammond will replace Henry Wasik, who was appointed as the company’s CEO in 2012.

The move comes at a time when Joyent is increasingly positioning itself as a contrarian in the cloud space.

Despite its open source cred (its name is virtually synonymous with Node.js) the company has built a bespoke proprietary cloud orchestration and management platform intended to stand up its own cloud to rival the likes of Amazon and Google. But it’s also pitching its SmartDataCenter offering, the software at the heart of that, as a competitor to OpenStack – a project that has garnered its fair share of industry support.

Joyent recently rearchitected its platform in such a way that it claims will help bolster its hybrid cloud strategy, an approached embraced architecturally and otherwise by OpenStack and VMware, albeit in unique ways. That said, bolstering its platform in the face of incumbents and joint industry projects with strong momentum will likely be Hammond’s biggest challenge moving forward.