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Mirantis has opened its first office in France in a bid to bolster its European business

Mirantis has opened its first office in France in a bid to bolster its European business

OpenStack vendor Mirantis announced the opening of a new office in Grenoble, France in a bid to bolster the company’s presence in Europe and ramp up competition against other OpenStack incumbents in the European market.

The new office, which will add to its existing facilities in the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, will be led by technology veteran Patrick Petit, the newly appointed director of engineering and general manager of Mirantis France.

The office will serve as both an R&D centre, and a hub from which the company will offer training and consultancy services to Mirantis customers.

Petit, who spent three years at Bull as a principal cloud architect and held a series of leadership positions at Sun Microsystems, will lead a team of researchers and developers focused on developing advanced applications of OpenStack

“Grenoble has a history of concentrated expertise in technology and compute infrastructure. Its reputation as the leading French centre of engineering and knowledge-driven industries continues to attract great talent,” Petit said.

“Because the success of cloud technologies depends on combining a broad span of technologies, from networking to virtualization to distributed applications, the integrative disciplines found in Grenoble and the Rhone valley provide an excellent foundation for building new capabilities into OpenStack IaaS and feeding the appetite for cloud both locally and worldwide.”

The opening of the French office in Grenoble is timely as the next OpenStack Summit is due to take place in Paris in November this year.

This is the second big expansion effort announced by Mirantis in recent weeks. Earlier this month the OpenStack vendor announced a partnership with IBM that will see the company deploy an OpenStack-based private cloud pay as you go (PAYG) service on SoftLayer infrastructure globally.