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Newcastle-based DaaS provider secured £350k in funding, which will help fuel the company's expansion efforts

Newcastle-based DaaS provider secured £350k in funding, which will help fuel the company’s expansion efforts

Newcastle-based desktop as a service provider Atlas Cloud announced this week that it has secured £350,000 in new investment from Northstar Ventures and other private investors, which the company said would help fuel the next stage of its UK growth strategy.

The four year old company which was founded by IT specialists and executives formerly working with Capgemini, Siemens, Axicom and Barclays specialises in the design, development and management of hosted desktop solutions using technologies from IBM, Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco and Asigra.

“The way in which businesses use IT is constantly evolving and will be very different in the years to come. Servers and PC’s will become redundant and all IT requirements will be delivered over the internet, so there will no longer be slow computers or broken servers,” said Pete Watson, chief executive officer of Atlas Cloud.

“At Atlas, we provide a complete cloud service, managed and operated on our clients’ behalf allowing businesses to concentrate on what they exist to do,” he added.

The company said the investment will help the company expand in the North East and throughout the rest of the UK.

While the market for publicly hosted desktop as a service is still in its infancy many large incumbents have doubled down on the segment including Cisco and VMware (Desktone).

Some analysts believe it will become more popular as large enterprises embrace more consumer-friendly approached toward offering internal users IT services.

In a research paper on enterprise IT trends and strategies published in the spring this year Laurent Lachal, a senior analyst at Ovum said virtual desktop as a service solutions are particularly useful because they further enable self-service IT and internal application catalogues and marketplaces, which are also becoming more prominent within large enterprises.