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Betfair said it took just three months to implement the cloud-based HR platform

Betfair said it took just three months to implement the cloud-based HR platform

London-based betting exchange Betfair said Thursday that the company has implemented a cloud-based HCM suite that will replace its existing legacy solution. The cloud-based software provided by Fairsail will underpin the company’s global human resources strategy for its 1,600 employees.

The company said it evaluated 11 vendors including other cloud-natives like Workday after outgrowing its current HR systems, which were heterogeneous across its global operations and lacked key contextual awareness capabilities.

The implementation took three months to complete according to Betfair chief information officer Michael Bischoff.

“The speed at which the solution was delivered, and the ease of the rollout, once again illustrates the benefits of our strategic move to using software-as-a-service platforms,” he said.

Betfair said it was able to eliminate resource-intensive data processing and assure regulatory compliance across multiple regions, freeing up HR teams to be more strategic and its employees to be more productive.

“Everyone talks about having an ‘international mind’ with the way they deal with employees. That joined-up process is what we were striving for with the move to Fairsail,” said Lisa Hillier, group HR director at Betfair.

“We wanted to know how our employees are being managed and performing across all our locations. We are excited to have a HR system which brings simplicity and transparency to processes such as hiring, talent management and employee collaboration,” Hillier said.