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Rackspace is bringing its high performance cloud compute servers to Australia

Rackspace is bringing its high performance cloud compute servers to Australia

Hosting and cloud service provider Rackspace said Wednesday that the company is bringing its high performance cloud server lineup to Australia. The move comes as other cloud service providers look to target enterprises down under.

The performance cloud servers are managed using OpenStack and according to Rackspace deliver up to four times more RAM, two times more CPU performance, over eight times more network bandwidth, 132 times more disk I/O, and over twice the performance of its current standard kit.

“Our latest announcement redefines the benchmark for performance in our public cloud offering as part of our Australian hybrid cloud portfolio,” said Angus Dorney, general manager, Rackspace ANZ.

The servers are part of the company’s Open Compute Project roadmap, an open source hardware project led by Facebook.

simPRO, a job management software company with offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US is already using the platform said it has yielded a number of benefits, including the performance of its databases, using the performance servers in conjunction with its block storage.

“The performance of Rackspace SSD block storage has also had a dramatic impact on our database performance and in some cases improved database response by up to 40 per cent. Web server connect times were also improved up to 50 per cent through the high performance servers improved connectivity,” said Jonathan Eastgate, chief technology officer at simPRO.

Rackspace originally launched its public and hybrid cloud services in Australia last summer and the company’s move comes as other cloud service providers move to create more capacity to serve the growing regional market.

Late last year Dimension Data announced that it has expanded its operations in the country, as did Microsoft. And CenturyLink, which recently expanded its cloud platform with 13 new datacentres, said it is mulling expansion in Japan and Australia.

By 2016, Gartner predicts that public cloud spending in Australia will reach $5.2bn.