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LogMeIn acquired IoT service integration specialist Ionia and plans to merge it with IoT PaaS company Xively, which it acquired in 2011

LogMeIn acquired IoT service integration specialist Ionia and plans to merge it with IoT PaaS company Xively, which it acquired in 2011

LogMeIn announced Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Ionia Corporation, a company specialising in IoT service integration with Salesforce and Amazon Web Services-based platforms. The company said Ionia, which will be merged with another M2M / Internet of Things-focused company acquired by LogMeIn in 2011, Xively, will bolster the company’s strategy in the fledging Internet of Things space.

Ionia, a silver partner and Heroku platinum partner, offers around 300 cloud-based solutions as well as consulting services, and caters mainly to the manufacturing, pharma and life-sciences sectors.

LogMeIn said that when the acquisition closes it will merge Ionia with Xively, a platform-as-a-service for the Internet of Things that was described to Business Cloud News by one of its founders as a sort of YouTube for M2M sensors. Users can use Xively to share data generated by internet-connected sensors on objects, animals, devices and buildings in real time.

“We’re seeing a shift in the way companies are approaching the IoT. Whereas last year it was mainly exploratory and product-focused, now it’s about implementing IoT solutions that deliver maximum business value. To do this, customers need integrated solutions that tie together products, people and technologies like,” said Michael Simon, chief executive officer of LogMeIn.

“This acquisition enables us to rapidly assemble a team with expertise in connected customer experiences and comprehensive business solutions. By augmenting Xively with Ionia’s experience delivering cloud business solutions, we believe we can deliver the holistic IoT-based solutions customers need to transform their business,” he added.

According to LogMeIn, which sells among other things cloud-based single sign-on solutions, the company is in the process of building out an ecosystem of system integrators to help grow its market share.

Joe Gaska, who co-founded Ionia with managing partner Keith O’Sheaand and led the company as chief executive officer said LogMeIn and Ionia share a “business-first philosophy”.

“We focus on helping customers optimize their connected vision so it has the greatest possible business impact, and then we build the connected solution to support it,” Gaska said. “We’re excited to join LogMeIn and be part of a pioneering company that’s driving commercial IoT adoption.”

According to some vendors the Internet of Things will create massive amounts of new revenue for upstarts and incumbents alike, particularly the cloud service providers powering the solutiongs. Cisco claims this market will create over $14tn for IoT stakeholders by 2022.