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Tony Singleton said GDS will step up efforts to educate the public sector about buying through G-Cloud

Tony Singleton said GDS will step up efforts to educate the public sector about buying through G-Cloud

G-Cloud head, chief operations officer and deputy director of operations for the Government Digital Service, Tony Singleton, said in a blog post Tuesday that the organisation will take a number of steps to educate buyers on and increases awareness of the G-Cloud programme.

Singleton said that more time needs to be spent educating buyers using G-Cloud and the Cloud Store.

“We will involve as many leaders involved in IT procurement across the wider public sector as possible, as well those who plan and deliver IT projects so that understanding and using G-Cloud truly becomes their first,” Singleton said.

The move follows the recent publication of a survey commissioned by Eduserv and conducted with over 800 civil servants, which found that only a quarter of respondents understood the benefits of cloud platforms. The vast majority, nearly nine out of ten of those surveyed, said they felt they needed more training to gain a better understanding of those benefits.

“We need to ensure that everyone involved with IT both in central government and the wider public sector, fully understands the benefits of cloud technologies as well as how G-Cloud works and the benefits it offers,” he said, adding that GDS has seen an average of 50 per cent cost savings when using cloud-based solutions in lieu of on premise or legacy alternatives.

“One thing that needs to be clearly understood is that G-Cloud does not sidestep the competitive procurement process as each iteration of the framework goes through a full OJEU. What it does do, is give organisations an overview of the services available to them before they begin their own procurement.

Singleton announced a re-launching of the G-Cloud blog, which has been collapsed into a broader digital services blog that is frequently updated. He also reiterated his support for nominating buyer community ‘champions’ within the public sector, to harness the successes of early adopters and spread their success stories across central government and the wider public sector.

The news comes just weeks after former G-Cloud head and current Home Office chief technology officer Denise McDonagh called on the Cabinet Office to increase visibility of the G-Cloud programme in the public sector to counteract the “huge lack of education” there.

Public sector spending on cloud services through the government’s Cloud Store hit £155m as of the end of March according to G-Cloud sales data, up from £124.1 the previous month. £123m of the services procured through G-Cloud were bought by central government and £21m the wider public sector, with £9.6m being spent by local governments.