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Voxox's distribution agreement with Lenovo will see the cloud comms service pre-loaded onto over 5 million laptops

Voxox’s distribution agreement with Lenovo will see the cloud comms service pre-loaded onto over 5 million laptops

US-based IP communications provider Voxox announced a partnership with Lenovo this week that will see the company’s platform pre-loaded on the PC maker’s laptops. The agreement will see Voxox’s communications suite loaded on over five million Lenovo laptops distributed globally in the first phase, a big win for the company as it steps up competition against incumbent cloud-based communications providers like Microsoft and Citrix.

Lenovo said it plans to pre-laod Voxox onto various laptop models including its U530, Y510, and Flex 15 models, which will enable its customers to access a range of low-cost communication services and features out of the box including voice calling, texting, faxing, real-time language translation, voicemail transcription.

“Voxox makes placing internet phone calls and communications on a PC affordable and seamless,” said David Cree, director of software & content services at Lenovo. “With PCs so integral to people’s lifestyles and work today, this solution gives our customers even more value and productivity from the moment they begin using their Lenovo laptop.”

As part of the deal Voxox said it will add free credit to the accounts of Lenovo customers, which can be used for outbound calling or SMS; like Skype, WhatsApp and similar OTT services, Voxox-to-Voxox communication is free.

Bryan Hertz, CEO and co-founder of Voxox said the deal with Lenovo is a “huge win” for the company as it moves to take on more established cloud-based communication platform providers.

“Lenovo customers can now access Voxox’s global communication capabilities as soon as they turn on their Lenovo laptop, making calling and rich messaging with their personal computing devices more practical than ever before,” he said.

Voxox, which also recently acquired international calling service PokeTALK, has targeted small and medium sized businesses since it launched in 2008. The recent move is timely as Microsoft just started shipping the newest iteration of its Windows operating system, 8.1, with Skype pre-installed and further integrated into the operating system, replacing its Messaging app (which was more closely aligned with the now-defunct MSN / Windows Messenger).