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Joyent is partnering with Clustrix to offer the latter's database service and improve application performance

Joyent is partnering with Clustrix to offer the latter’s database service and improve application performance

Infrastructure as a service provider Joyent announced a partnership with Clustrix Thursday that will see the public cloud provider deploy ClustrixDB to add SQL database capabilities and real-time application monitoring analytics for customers.

The move, which comes one day after Joyent competitor CloudSigma announced a similar partnership with New Relic, is intended to give Joyent customers a better view of how their applications perform at scale in real-time.

“Many applications deployed in the cloud today have fundamentally different characteristics than traditional back office applications and require massive workload support,” said Robin Purohit, chief executive officer of Clustrix.

“ClustrixDB combined with Joyent’s application performance management capabilities will enable companies of any size to build innovative applications at unprecedented speed and agility,” he said.

Joyent, which has largely built its cloud business up on high-performance servers tuned for niche compute and storage services, said the deal will help give customers new data integration capabilities, and help developers gain insight into how they can tune their applications to the cloud platform.

“The Joyent cloud has always offered true data reliability and a high performance cloud architecture,” said Henry Wasik, president and chief executive officer of Joyent. “This integration with ClustrixDB will further enable our customers to enjoy the utmost performance now combined with the ability to run real-time analytics to deliver greater business insight.”