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Claranet said the Grita acquisition will give it a big boost in healthcare sector in Europe.

Claranet said the Grita acquisition will give it a big boost in healthcare sector in Europe.

Cloud and managed services provider Claranet announced Tuesday that the company has acquired French specialist hosting provider Grita for an undisclosed sum. Claranet said the acquisition will give it a big boost in the healthcare sector in Europe.

Fresh off the heels of the company’s Echiron acquisition Claranet has purchased yet another European specialist hosting services provider in a bid to tighten its grip on mid-market verticals.

Grita, which is said to be one of the few hosting service providers with strong French, European and international healthcare IT certification, will give Claranet a boost in the healthcare sector; it already counts Philips and Agfa among other big brands as customers.

“Grita’s specialist expertise in the healthcare sector makes it the perfect partner for Claranet,” said Olivier Beaudet, managing director at Claranet France.

“The hosting market in France is particularly vibrant and is evolving rapidly… the acquisition further consolidates Claranet’s position in France, and ensures we are well-placed to take advantage of new opportunities within existing and emerging markets in this region,” Beaudet added.

For the past two years Claranet has been in the process of growing rapidly, largely through acquisition. In addition to buying up Portuguese application services and cloud provider Echiron last month, the company also acquired a range of other specialist hosting providers including Star (UK, 2012), Typhon (France, 2012), and CGEST (Portugal, 2012).

Claranet founder and chief executive officer Charles Nasser said last month that the cloud sector will be a key segment for the company moving forward, particularly as it seeks to continue targeting mid-tier companies.