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Uhuru is open sourcing its  Windows app support and  management console, based on Cloud Foundry

Uhuru is open sourcing its Microsoft app support and management console, based on Cloud Foundry

Uhuru Software, a company specialising in delivering Microsoft platforms support for Linux on Monday announced the release of Windows support and a management console for Cloud Foundry to the open source community.

The release includes Uhuru’s Cloud Foundry (CF) version 2-compliant Uhuru Cloud Commander (UCC), a BOSH automation tool, and support for Windows and .NET applications and Microsoft SQL Server services.

Uhuru’s offering is similar to Windows-focused platform as a service Iron Foundry, which also lets developers deploy .NET applications in cloud environments using Cloud Foundry as its foundation; it’s a native C# implementation of the Cloud Foundry droplet execution agent (DEA) for Windows Server, with buildpack support for .NET applications.

The management console adds built-in monitoring and alerting capabilities for CF, and offers a web portal for users to manage teams and applications.

The company was co-founded in 2011 by former Microsoft vice president Jawad Khaki and former general manager of Live Meeting services Jawaid Ekram.

“Uhuru is pleased to meet customer needs for Microsoft platforms support and effortless management of Cloud Foundry,” said Khaki. “With this contribution we look forward to engage the open source community to further enhance the relevance of Cloud Foundry.”

Cloud Foundry has picked up a lot of steam among enterprise IT incumbents as of late, with Pivotal recently spinning off Cloud Foundry into its own autonomously governed foundation. It also gained the support of SAP and Rackspace, and existing supporter IBM announced it would be throwing a billion dollars the foundation’s way.