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CloudSigma is the latest IaaS provider to partner with the growing open source cloud management platform, CompatibleOne

CloudSigma is the latest IaaS provider to partner with the growing open source cloud management platform, CompatibleOne

Public cloud service provider CloudSigma announced Friday that the company is partnering with recently launched open-source cloud management provider CompatibleOne. The move is intended to bolster CloudSigma’s image as an open cloud service provider, and adds to CompatibleOne’s growing list of cloud services compatible with the growing open source interoperability platform.

CompatibleOne, which launched at Cloud Expo in London earlier this week, is the commercial iteration of an open-source cloud management software as a service platform.

When customers sign up with multiple cloud service providers they are often restricted to using the management interfaces provided by each to do everything from spinning up VMs to managing network resources. Those looking to create single WAN’s linking on-premise systems multiple cloud providers can encounter big challenges, which has opened up the market to niche standalone multi-cloud management services like Vello or Abiquo. It’s also a leading element in HP’s cloud pitch (though delivering on that is another story).

But CompatibleOne is open-source at its core (with the company offering a commercially-supported version), meaning cloud service providers can link up with the project quite easily and open up their service APIs so they can be integrated in the platform. It offers most of the same management capabilities inherent to similar proprietary platforms – fully automated network, compute and storage resource allocation, self-healing capabilities and VM migration – in a single pane.

So far the platform supports Amazon, Windows Azure, Dimension Data, Go Grid, HPCloud, Joyent, OnApp, RackSpace, and Softlayer. It’s compatible with OpenNebula, OpenStack, VMware vCloud, and in the PaaS world it supports Cloud Foundry and OpenShift.

“CompatibleOne aims to support interoperability, portability, and reversibility in cloud computing services for the benefit of users,” said Jean-Pierre Laisne, founder and chief executive officer of CompatibleOne.

“The cloud can only be truly open if you have open source technologies and open standards behind it, as well as other industry innovators promoting and investing in it. CloudSigma is a great example of one of those industry innovators, so we are really excited to partner with them and continue working toward a more advanced, open computing environment.”

There are currently over 25 companies contributing to the project including ETSI, Intel, Nuage, OnApp, Orange, Thales and ActivEon.

Olivier Bouzereau, the coordinator of the open-source community behind the commercial product told Business Cloud News that infrastructure as service providers have a deep interest in keeping their platforms genuinely open.

“Contributing to this is a win-win, because service providers have an interest in keeping their platforms interoperable as best they can – it’s about what’s best for the customer, eliminating that lock-in,” Bouzereau said.