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NetSuite joins cloud industry heavyweights like Dell, VMware and Microsoft

NetSuite joins cloud industry heavyweights like Dell, VMware and Microsoft

Cloud-based ERP provider NetSuite announced Monday that the company has joined the Cloud Industry Forum, an industry body geared towards keeping enterprises and service providers abreast of the latest trends and best practice in the cloud space.

“We’re pleased to announce that NetSuite has become a member of the Cloud Industry Forum. As one of the premier voices of the cloud computing industry in the UK, CIF works hard to improve end-user understanding of the cloud and raise standards in the industry,” said Pete Daffern, President of EMEA and executive vice president of verticals at NetSuite.

“It’s an organisation that we are very pleased to be associated with. At NetSuite we look forward to working closely with CIF and its members, towards a shared goal of building a trusted, transparent and fully sustainable industry,” he added.

The CIF’s raison-d’être is to drive transparency among cloud service providers through its ‘code of practice’ (and certification against that code) which looks to (loosely) standardise everything from pricing and payment terms to licensing, data protection and migration of cloud workloads.

In doing so, it says it’s helping consumers build more trust in cloud services.

“The UK cloud market grows year-on-year, with the overall cloud adoption rate currently standing at 69 per cent. But concerns about cloud services remain, namely relating to data privacy and security, and it’s important that the industry works together to inspire trust in cloud services and address these concerns,” said Alex Hilton, chief executive officer of CIF.