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CloudBees and Verizon are working together to extend the Java platform as a service on Verzion's new cloud infratructure platform

CloudBees and Verizon are working together to extend the Java platform as a service on Verzion’s new cloud infrastructure platform

Verizon and Belgium-based platform as a service provider CloudBees announced a new partnership Wednesday that will see PaaS solution deployed on Verizon’s revamped cloud platform. The company told Business Cloud News that its gearing up its enterprise cloud services ahead of the public launch of the platform later this year.

Last autumn Verizon announced its reengineered infrastructure as a service and object storage cloud platforms, which is still currently in public beta, and the recent partnership will see the Java PaaS deployed on Verizon’s cloud infrastructure globally.

“With CloudBees’ remarkable growth and demonstrated track record of delivering PaaS as a true service, we’re eager to bring our value to Verizon’s next generation cloud offering,” said Andrew Lee, CloudBees’ vice president of business development.

“CloudBees is also covering the entire application delivery lifecycle which is a more complete solution for enterprise organizations on Verizon Cloud,” he added.

“We are working with best-in-class enterprise technology companies to bring additional value to our customers above the core availability, performance and security we’ve built into Verizon Cloud.” said John Considine, chief technology officer at Verizon Terramark.

“CloudBees is a leading PaaS provider with an experienced team.  We’re pleased to formalize this longstanding relationship with CloudBees and its proven service for our customers’ benefit,” Considine added.

The deal is a win for CloudBees, which last year also got a boost from popular public cloud provider Amazon Web Services.

Verizon told Business Cloud News that the deal marks a continuation of its PaaS play, which saw it deploy CloudFoundry, Oracle and Hitachi PaaSs last year.

“Verizon has the vision to create a differentiated, best in class, and platform agnostic Applications offering to the marketplace. Complementing the announcement on Cloudfoundry PaaS, CloudBees offers a unique set of software development tools tailored to the developer community such as Jenkins and continuous integration,” it said.

“We are committed to working with a variety of enterprise cloud leaders and providing our clients the choice and flexibility they want in creating the cloud solution that best fits their needs. Companies like CloudBees, Pivotal, NetApp, Hitachi Data Systems and Oracle will play a key role in that plan.”