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The companies are working on optimising video

The companies are working on optimising video

Embedded computing developer Kontron has partnered with network optimisation and analytics firm Vantrix to build a high performance, cloud-enabled content delivery and analytics platform.

The offering aims to provide operators with a cost-effective and scalable transcoding solution for video optimisation and high performance Big Data analytics for insights to monetise video traffic data. Both capabilities are also virtualised, with integrated application orchestration for private cloud or Network Functional Virtualization implementations.

The business challenge for mobile operators and content delivery cloud providers is how to prioritise bandwidth and compute resources in the network with maximum efficiency, whether deployed in the network or in a cloud-based infrastructure. This is coupled with the need to scale to meet fluctuations in demand and still increase ARPU.

Sven Freudenfeld, business development director, telecom cloud at Kontron, said: “Up until now, high transcoding costs have been prohibitive and the current generation of mobile video optimisation solutions do not scale to meet the mounting levels of video traffic on wireless networks, leading mobile operators to question the business case for video optimisation. Cloud service providers and mobile operators require a solution that can repurpose network or data centre elements and provide them with greater flexibility in regards to video optimisation.”

Don Vendetti, Vantrix SVP, marketing and product management, said: “The real goal of operators is not just to manage video traffic more effectively, but to find ways to monetise it. However, operators are challenged to make accurate business decisions because they do not have enough insight or analysis of the traffic flowing across their networks, the quality with which it’s delivered and the usage patterns and viewing habits of their subscribers. This solution provides rich insights into that traffic for making strategic decisions.”