Business Cloud News

Despite rapid expansion of cloud computing in the last 5 years, tremendous growth has not occurred limitation free, especially in the traditional world of the enterprise and its ability to scale cost effectively.

This webinar tracks the evolution the cloud from its inception to the present, and ultimately predicting where it heads next. We are quickly approaching a world where companies demand a tightly coupled network and computing experience as well as computing distributed offering lower latencies, more sophisticated network control and greater direct control BUT with the same brilliant ease and simplicity we have all come to expect from the cloud

Version 2.0 is ideal for developers looking to build resilient responsive architectures fast and for enterprise managers migrating legacy.

Watch this webinar from Business Cloud News and Interoute and learn:

  • The practical limitations of current cloud technologies
  • Addressing the issues of latency, code rewrites and security
  • The next phase of cloud computing architecture and implementation
  • How low latency resilient computing lowers the cost of simple web environments and creates resilient, responsive architectures for traditional enterprise environments


Matthew Finnie
Chief Technology Officer

Never afraid to challenge the status quo of existing technology and traditional industry thinking, Matthew Finnie is one of the most provocative technology thinkers in Europe. Interoute owns and operates the largest networked cloud computing asset in Europe and is redefining how businesses deploy advanced communications platforms in the Cloud.