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Resource Guru scored $870,000 in new funding from new and existing investors

Resource Guru scored $870,000 in new funding from new and existing investors

Cloud-based scheduling app company Resource Guru said Monday that it has closed $870,000 in new funding. The company’s co-founder Andrew Rogoff told Business Cloud News he expects to accelerate product development, hiring and marketing efforts in a bid to acquire more customers and make scheduling more seamless across multiple platforms.

Resource Guru, which launched in May 2012 is a company that provides a cloud-based team scheduling service for large and small companies. Its service is pitched at those used to using solutions like Microsoft Excel more than complex ERP solutions for their scheduling needs but its client list still includes the likes of Intel, Asos and the National Geographic Channel, which don’t quite fall into the small or medium business categories typically addicted to using spreadsheets.

“We spent years struggling to juggle resources using spreadsheets and eventually decided to do something about it,” Rogoff said. “Resource Guru was the end result.”

Rogoff told Business Cloud News the company has so far focused most of its engineering resource on making the user interface intuitive and delivering incremental improvements on that. But it’s going to refocus on tackling integration across multiple calendar applications – so people who live in iCal or Outlook or Google Apps don’t have to part with their preferred platforms.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for calendar integration and are working primarily on that, and some related, bigger features we plan to announce later this year,” he said.

The company works 100 per cent remotely – without any office in place, and is looking to add to the twelve-person, mostly London-based team and recruit talent globally. “Working remotely definitely has its benefits. It tends to widen the talent pool for one,” he said. “We want the best money can buy.”

The latest round of financing, led by Index Ventures and including contributions from new and existing investors, takes the company’s total take to $1.14m since its launch two years ago. Its offering competes with software as a service companies like Schedule and Float.

“Most managers still rely on complicated spreadsheets or cumbersome software to manage their teams and resources, neither of which makes allocating resources particularly easy and efficient,” said Robin Klein, partner at Index Ventures. “We’ve been impressed how Resource Guru tackled this problem with its simple to use online tool that leads to huge time savings and increased productivity.”