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Arne Josefsberg, executive vice president, chief infrastructure officer and chief information officer at GoDaddy

Arne Josefsberg, executive vice president, chief infrastructure officer and chief information officer at GoDaddy

Internet domain registrar and cloud hosting provider GoDaddy announced the appointment of tech industry veteran Arne Josefsberg as its new executive vice president, chief infrastructure officer and chief information officer this week. Josefsberg told Business Cloud News that as the business expands further into the cloud and hosting business he plans to invest more in open source technologies as he shifts (eventually all of) the company’s internal systems over to the cloud.

Josfsberg, who will oversee GoDaddy’s global cloud infrastructure and information systems, has spent the better part of the past three decades working with both established IT incumbents and cloud startups.

He was most recently chief technology officer of ServiceNow, a widely successful IT helpdesk software as a service company founded in 2004, where he oversaw some big shifts in the platform’s architecture that helped drive its cloud strategy; it wasn’t always delivered as a cloud service.

He also spent 25 years with Microsoft where he held a number of positions, including general manger of the Windows Azure infrastructure platform during 2009 to 2011 – key years in its development from concept to enterprise-grade product. Before that he served as general manager of infrastructure services for global foundation services, the “engine that powers Microsoft’s cloud services.”

“GoDaddy has the size and scale that allows us to reach a previously under-served customer base, and necessitates a global infrastructure that allows us to serve them seamlessly,” Josefsberg said. GoDaddy is primarily a domain name registrar, but over the past few years has sought to expand into the hosting a cloud business.

Josefberg’s role will be both internally focused and outward facing. He told Business Cloud News that he believes the delivery of the vast majority of services will eventually move to a SaaS / cloud services delivery model – a view influenced by the transitions in IT departments he helped deliver at ServiceNow.

“Highly specialized transaction systems might still run behind the corporate firewall, so the two delivery models are not mutually exclusive. But I believe over time internal IT will be mostly server-less, all delivered through cloud services. Clearly my experience at ServiceNow has reinforced my view on this as I have seen IT organizations across the globe transform their operations replacing cumbersome, legacy on–premise systems,” he said. “This is where the future of IT lies.”

“I can clearly envision GoDaddy running all its internal IT on cloud based services and hope to get there in the not too distant future,” he added.

Josefsberg explained that through his experience at Microsoft and ServiceNow he’s used to building cloud services in both Windows and open source environments, and at each come with a particular set of benefits and tradeoffs.

“At GoDaddy, we will primarily invest in open source. You can do amazing things in open source today, it has really come a long way with significant innovations through contributions from the many communities. But they both have their place,” he said.

“When it comes to selecting your cloud or SaaS provider you obviously need to do your homework. You need to make sure the cloud provider has invested appropriately in security, reliability and performance. There is a large variability here between the larger established cloud providers and a new start-up here,” he added.

GoDaddy’s chief executive officer Blake Irving said Arne’s three decades of experience building infrastructure and managing cloud strategies will be instrumental in bringing the company’s ambitions in the cloud space to fruition, and keep the company’s global IT estate running as efficiently as possible.

“Arne brings a long history of creating technology that makes a difference in people’s lives – and that’s exactly what we are doing here at GoDaddy,” Irving said.