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Box has added new features to its share and sync offering, launched a new partnership programme and Box Consulting

Box has added new features to its share and sync offering, launched a new partnership programme and Box Consulting

Share and sync provider Box announced a series of product updates and new partnerships Wednesday in a bid to bolster its offerings in the enterprise world, particularly those with significant governance requirements. The company is also launching a professional services team, Box Consulting, to help enterprise customers manage the complexities of adoption and integration.

Box touted a number of enhancements to its platform Wednesday, including the addition of a new admin console that gives in-house IT administrators more control over data sharing policies, content management and user permissioning. For instance, the service can now block sharing of credit card and other sensitive data.

The company has also added automation features so businesses can create custom workflow templates and implement them for documents that are shared regularly as part of a longer pipeline requiring action, like invoices, and it has improved the service’s sync speeds by a magnitude of ten.

The new features will be added “in the coming months.”

“We’ve built a service that employees love to use while providing the level of control and visibility that IT departments demand,” said Whitney Bouck, general manager, enterprise at Box. “To help these companies and all of our customers more easily manage and secure the flow of information across the entire business, we need to have the right capabilities in our products and support them with the right services to make them wildly successful,” she said.

Box has also set up Box Consulting, a professional services group geared towards helping enterprises integrate the share and sync service across their organisations, making it one of the few pure-play cloud storage and sync providers to offer such services. It’s also launching a services partnership programme, partnering initially with systems integrator Capgemini which will offer some of these consulting services on its behalf. As part of the agreement Box will become one of Capgemini’s “recommended services,” a move that will enhance the service’s visibility among larger enterprises – where deployments range in the thousands.

“We know that many enterprises have complex technology architectures and requirements that can benefit from additional expert deployment and implementation assistance,” Bouck told Business Cloud News.

“For example, if you have tens of thousands of knowledge workers getting Box accounts, you may want some expert help to design the perfect permissions model. Or perhaps you’re planning to displace some old FTP servers and shared network drives while reducing your exposure to unmanaged consumer tools; we can help plan a successful migration and training plan. We can even help build a custom application built on our platform and API.”

The announcements arrive just days after Box announced a major push into new regions following an influx of over $100m in new investment. Box is also the latest cloud-based storage and sync firm to shift its business towards more premium services, and given that most users access Box through other services and applications  the company said there’s scope to grow the consulting services ecosystem around integration.