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VMware's sister R&D site in Bangalore.

VMware’s sister R&D site in Bangalore.

Virtualisation heavyweight VMware announced today that it has expanded its research and development operations in Pune, adding 185 employees to the company’s growing Indian R&D outfit.

VMware already employs 200 at its Pune centre, which the company says has emerged as a hub of innovation around networking and virtualisation and critical for its portfolio development.

“VMware prides itself on the innovations its R&D teams continually deliver across the globe,” said T Srinivasan, managing director, VMware India & SAARC. “Our R&D team in Pune has delivered many innovations in the areas of networking and security, key components of our Software Defined Data Center strategy, and we are pleased to grow our operations here.”

The company has not specified what type of research the new employees will focus on, but suggested that it will likely relate to the company’s software defined data centre strategy.

In March this year VMware announced a multi-year investment of $120m to fund the company’s expanding research efforts in India, and at the time the company said it could employ up to 2,700 people with the investment.

VMware definitely views India as strategically important, and for good reason. According to a recent KPMG report over 800 global executives have nominated India as the world’s most promising location where technology innovation can flourish, trumping Isreal and the United States in areas like available talent, support infrastructure, and government incentives.

The company has operated in India since 2005, employing about 2000 people across its offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. And earlier this year VMware’s chief executive officer Pat Gelsinger said that a significant portion of the work that went into its new hybrid cloud offering came out of its R&D centres in Bangalore and Pune, its largest research outfits outside of California.