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Witnesses and signing parties of the MOU collaboration between Red Hat and A*STAR’s Business Analytics Translational Centre

Witnesses and signing parties of the MOU collaboration between Red Hat and A*STAR’s Business Analytics Translational Centre

Singapore’s Business Analytics Translational Centre (BATC) announced a collaboration with Red Hat Wednesday that will see the two develop business analytics platforms based on Red Hat’s open source solutions.

The two organisations signed an MOU in Singapore that will see both collaboratively develop big data, middleware and platform as a service solutions – as well as Linux-optimised solutions for cloud and storage.

“Red Hat is an advocate of open source and we are happy to collaborate with local agencies and educational institutions to leverage on open source technologies to address daily challenges. BATC is an exemplary case where technology is used to benefit other industry partners in the ecosystem,” said Damien Wong, general manager, ASEAN at Red Hat.

BATC was set up in 2012 as a joint effort by Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). The organisation helps the public and private sector leverage advanced technologies and analytics tools for big data management through its research and development efforts, and aims to expedite the adoption of big data analytics within the country.

The BATC said that it has long worked with open source technologies to develop many of the innovations it has produced to date, which includes several business analytics and social media monitoring platforms.

“As a centre with a strategic mission to catalyse business innovations, perform technology translation, and drive the adoption of Business Analytics (BA), we are cognizant of the advantages open source technology offers to drive the development of rapid prototype applications for business and technical requirements gathering and business use-case validation,” said Dr Tan Geok Leng, Chairman of the BATC Management Committee and Executive Director for the Science & Engineering Research Council (SERC).

Dr Tan said Red Hat’s expertise in open source will help the BATC make Linux a standard development platform for big data analytics in Singapore, further helping organisations to “rapidly discern the value of Business Analytics and formulate effective strategies for organizational-wide BA transformation.”

Jim Whitehurst, president and chief executive officer of Red Hat who was on hand to sign the MOU reaffirmed Dr Tan’s comments. “Open source has evolved to become a foundation for innovation. As technology continues to become more of a commodity, the standardization of parts can help spur more rapid innovation.”

In order to help kick off the partnership Red Had hosted an innovation symposium shortly after the MOU signing, which was attended by A*STAR scientists, researchers and academics looking at technology and business innovation with analytics.

Earlier this year Red Hat announced that it would focus on big data integration rather than delivering its own Hadoop-type offering, focusing instead on partnering with big data solutions providers and developing middleware (Red Hat JBoss) resources and plugins to support them.